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Fresh Start

This is the first post of this blog under its new title, Midlife U-Turn. I’m still working out a few issues with the blog, such as the lack of a header image, but I decided to go ahead and post anyway. Carpe diem!

It’s going to be a blog about life, both in the heavy and the light moments. I know there are many such blogs out there – but I just need to write, and hopefully to connect with a few souls along the way with whom I might have some things in common.

Today was a fabulous example of some of the lighter moments. Sharon, Claire and I went to the Vintage Holiday Fair and had a great time poking around the stalls, looking at old Christmas ornaments, jewellery, clothing and household items, and drinking peppermint hot chocolate and eating dark chocolate pumpkin seed bark. (Mmm! I must try to make some of that.) Claire found some vintage coasters with tiny whistles attached, that said “Need another? Just whistle!” She is taking them to a girls’ night out tonight, where I’m sure they will be the source of much hilarity. I got a Red Rose tea animal, the “original variegated bear cub”, which was mine as well as all my friends’ favorite when we were little, and the cause of many happy hours of negotiation. I was delighted to see it, as I haven’t come across it in all the years since.

My favorite tea animal, the Red Rose bear cub - cute, isn't it?

My favorite tea animal, the Red Rose bear cub – cute, isn’t it?

At the fair I also saw a white metal star with blue points, for the top of the tree. My parents had one like it that was already an antique when I was a little kid. They replaced it when I was about ten years old, so I hadn’t seen or thought about it until I laid eyes on it this afternoon. I have to admit, I was tempted! However, I’d spent my allotted money on a new (old) Christmas pin, a lovely silver tree with coloured stones on the branches. I will post a picture of it in an upcoming post.

Later this afternoon, Sharon and I watched our first basketball game of the season, and our team won in the LAST SECOND of the game. Talk about an adrenaline rush!

All in all, it was a lovely day to kick off my blog in a brand new direction, a U-turn, in fact.





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